Game Design Portfolio

A God’s Tale

Role: Solo Developer
Platform: PC
Development Time: 3 Months
Team Size: 1 Person
Tools Used:


A God’s Tale is a narrative driven god game where players are given control of a procedurally generated world. They will be able to use a set of tools to shape their world, interact with civilizations, and overcome challenges, to create their own story.

A God’s Tale is designed to allow players to create a personal story of their stewardship of a world and the people in it. This game empowers players to take control as their world’s god by gradually shaping the land and civilizations to their will, or to sit back and watch their world develop. A broad range of powerful abilities will allow players to work towards those goals by creating or resolving conflict, as the people struggle against each other and their environment.

Design Goals

  • Create emergent narrative through the interaction of systems
  • Give players freedom to create their own story
  • Encourage player engagement through sneak-peeks into their world
  • Create a unique gameplay experience each playthrough

Download And Play A God’s Tale

This is a Windows-only executable, played only with a mouse.


A God’s Tale was built as a playable prototype for the game’s systems, and has little user interface. Here is how to play the game:

Moving Around

Right click and drag to rotate the camera.  Middle click and drag to move the camera.  Scroll in and out to zoom.  Left click to select any tile.

Creating A Civilization

Click the “Create Civilization” button, and then left click any tile.   This will place down a new civilization.  You must place a new civilization when you click the “Create Civilization” button.

Altering Terrain

Click the “Alter Terrain” button to bring up a sub-menu.  Clicking any of the buttons in the sub-menu will alter the currently selected tile.  The terrain’s biome will be automatically adjusted depending on its height, humidity, and temperature.

Communicating with Civilizations

Click the “Speak to a Civilization” button to bring up a sub-menu.  It will be blank unless the core tile (bright red) at the center of a civilization is the selected tile.  Once that tile is selected, any button on the sub-menu will alter that civilization’s behavior.

Quitting the Game

Hold alt, and then, while holding alt, press the F4 key (alt-F4).