Game Design Portfolio

T Minus

Role: Team Lead and Lead Designer
Platform: Web
Development Time: 3 Months
Team Size: 3 people
Tools Used:


T Minus follows a man named Kyle, who has a precognative ability. This ability allows him to simulate different versions the future, up until the next time he falls asleep or unconscious. Kyle has used this ability to craft the perfect life for himself, one day at a time. However, that changes on what should be a normal day in a city, remarkable only for a grand parade the city is holding. However, instead, Kyle finds himself trapped in a series of undesirable futures, forced to use his ability to unravel a conspiracy that threatens the entire city, solve seemingly impossible problems through his knowledge, and ultimately ensure his own freedom.

T Minus is an ongoing project, which will be divided up into five major acts for players to explore. At it’s current stage of development it has two complete acts, and over 11,000 words. This page will be updated as new chapters and acts become available.

Design Goals

  • Create a story centered around repeating time
  • Engage players through exploration
  • Set up puzzles players can solve through observation and experimentation
  • Create a setting where every choice is significant

Play T Minus in Browser

This is a browser based html file, and should be playable on all devices.

Additional Details

T Minus focuses on depth of content, rather than breadth. The player is able to access all but one of the potential locations from the very first play-through, and will eventually be able to speak with over half of the important characters as well. However, the intricacy of T Minus doesn’t come from how many things the player is able to do, but in the layers of how the available things work together. Exploring one location might not contain anything at first, but after going to a different location, talking to a different person, or learning an extra piece of information, the player may be able to guide Kyle to do something new in a seemingly familiar location.


Marlena Hanne
Lead Developer

Kai Godfrey
Story Co-Developer

Lars Stannard
Assistant Writer